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Corporate Social Responsibility

Severočeské doly a.s. (SD) is a socially responsible company, that has long fulfilled its obligations to shareholders, employees and towards its close surroundings and the wider public.

Due to its financial stability and solid position in the industry, Severočeské doly a.s., together with its subsidiaries, provides secure employment with good related social security benefits primarily to employees who reside in districts of Chomutov, Teplice and Most. SD Company creates a whole range of other employment opportunities for its contractors and subcontractors from the region and beyond. Severočeské doly, as a company understanding its responsibility for regional development, helps to solve a number of the most pressing problems of towns and municipalities in the Ústí region.

Support for projects in the Ústí Region and co-operation with the municipalities of the region is carried out from multiple angles. SD annually contributes to the Ústi Region, an amount determined by a long-term agreement. We uphold the law imposing royalties/mineral extraction fees, a significant portion of which goes to the local municipalities in which the land is mined . We pay taxes and statutory deductions which, being regularly awarded to the Ministry of Finance form one of the most important contributions to the state budget. Over and above these legal and contractual obligations, communities in the immediate vicinity of the mine are provided with donations in accordance with a resolution passed at the company’s Annual General Meeting, complying with the government’s resolution on donorship and meeting the requirements of the law on income tax.

Sponsorship and advertising partnerships serve as further tools for the promotion of socially beneficial activities. These resources are directed at specific chosen sporting clubs and cultural or societal associations in support of various events in municipalities and towns.

Severočeské doly a.s., as a member of the ČEZ Group, regularly posts information on economic results, significant events within the Company, as well as all the facts that have an impact on their surroundings. Open, timely and always truthful communication with the public, we consider to be an important tool for the long-term success of our company in the region that we transform and change.

We are aware of the positive and negative impacts of our activities on the lives of people in the Ústí region, the Czech Republic as a whole, but also the wider region as part of our membership of the EU. European priorities, which are a secure, stable and affordable supply of energy necessary for competitiveness, growth of GDP and the improvement of environmental, social and educational levels, while fulfilling all strict European laws on the environment, are key priorities for us.

The company’s good name is also enhanced by publishing activities. We have supported a whole range of book titles, familiarizing the reader with the long and rich history, as well as the modern face of coal mining in the region, striving in particular to promote responsible care of the countryside after mining ceases. The company’s multimedia presentation entitled “Reclamation” has won acclaim nationwide.

Severočeské doly a.s. is an active member of many national and international organizations such as EURACOAL, UNECE and WMC. We are members of the Czech Union of Employers in the Mining and Oil Industry, the Czech Society for the Environment, and the Czech Management Society. We actively co-operate with the authorities of the Ústí Region and engage in the activities of District Chambers of Commerce, Economic and Social Councils and many other associations.

Severočeské doly a.s.

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