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Příbram hosted a meeting of mining towns

Over a thousand members of 110 local and foreign mining associations gathered on June 10th to 12th in Příbram at the 20th Meeting of Mining Towns and Communities, and the 16th European Day of Miners and Smelters. The celebration was the culmination of this year's Příbram jubilee - 800 years since the first written mention of this famous ore mining town.

This year's celebration of all miners had a typically rich program. Members of the miners' associations from several European countries and the Czech Republic returned to Příbram, which in 1997 held the first ever such meeting. And here, once again, everyone had a good time, not only decorated the main square, but also in the mining museum, in the Březové Mountains and at Svatá Hora – Holy Mountain.

The traditional procession attracted great attention, in which there marched not only members of the associations dressed in beautiful uniform, but also children from the Příbram kindergarten dressed as small kobolds in mines. There was also a church mass for the miners, fireworks and the crisp sound of several miner choirs. Among the guests of honor, who personally greeted the Czech and European miners was the Governor of the Central Bohemia Region, Miloš Petera and the CEO of Severočeské doly Ivo Pěgřímek.

The symbolic light of St Barbara was handed over from the mayor of Příbram, Jindřich Vařeka to the mayor of the city of Chomutov, Daniel Černý, as the host of the 21st Meeting of Mining Towns and Villages will be Chomutov. Therefore, we can already start looking forward to Chomutov 2017.

Příbram hosted a meeting of mining townsPříbram hosted a meeting of mining towns

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