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Sales Strategy

The importance of commercial and contractual relationships

Severočeské doly company has the largest share in brown coal output among all the Czech producers. The commercial and business strategy of Severočeské doly is based on long-term contractual relationships, respecting mutually favourable business conditions, ensuring long-term use of brown coal as a quality and price available and affordable energy resource of strategic importance for the present and the future. The parameters of long-term contractual relations are reflected and specified in the relevant annual amendments that form the basis of mutual operative trading. Accordingly, the company has long-term contracts, guaranteeing sale of all its production of brown coal.


The products of Severočeské doly cover multiple market segments. These include the so-called large energy segment with the privileged position held by the power company ČEZ; the segment of large and medium-sized industrial and municipal heating plants; and the small consumer segment, which is supplied through a distribution chain of fuel retailers in individual regions.

The various types of fuel distributed to these consumer markets:

  • For small and medium sources, municipal and other business sectors and households, graded coal of the types Cube 2, Nut 1 and Nut 2, with low harmful pollutants are supplied. Deliveries are made through coal storages. The parameters of fuel produced by the Severočeské doly mining site, Bílina meet the requirements of the Decree of the Ministry of the Environment No. 415/2012 Coll. on quality of solid fuels supplied for combustion for energy production.
  • Fuel mixtures, termed power generation coal is delivered directly to the so-called large energy segment. Additivised pulverized coal with high calorific value is intended for consumption in large power plants in the industrial sector.





Sales Strategy

Severočeské doly a.s.

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