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SD: Facts and Figures

The number of excursion participants and visitors to Severočeské doly is given in the current brochure SD: Facts and Figures focussing, not only on current mining, reclamation activities and environme

Příbram hosted a meeting of mining towns

Over a thousand members of 110 local and foreign mining associations gathered on June 10th to 12th in Příbram at the 20th Meeting of Mining Towns and Communities, and the 16th European Day of Miners a

EURACOAL elected new President and Vice Presidents

The European Association for Coal and Lignite (EURACOAL) on 19 January 2015 in Brussels elected Dr. Zygmunt Łukaszczyk as its new President. Also one from three Vice Presidents was newly elected – Mr.

Pools for amphibians at the Bílina Mine Reclamation Site

The reclaimed landscape should be varied. This diversity is enhanced by pools which have formed and are ideal for life and reproduction of amphibians such as the Green frog and the Marsh frog.
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Severočeské doly a.s.

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